About Us

We offer considered design solutions, to all areas of the built environment, residential and commercial.

Through vision planning and a co-ordinated effort, stretford holdings is able to offer bespoke solutions that are life enhancing, backed by unrivalled quality and professionalism.
stretford holdings is a company specialising in design and construction of high end property developments.  Moving from ideas to results as a collective initiative the company offer a perfect integration of architecture construction and interior design in a seamless product that is aesthetically unrivalled and ensures technical skill and excellent customer service.
The stretford drive is towards a delivery that surpasses expectation.  
stretford holdings is able to offer competency in both renovation and new building projects contemporary homes, offices, hotels and all other areas of the built environment - residential and commercial.  

Established in 2004 by Michael Street, stretford holdings is proud to offer an international standard from experience honed by himself and other key staff members who have had the privilege of working throughout the world.  The company currently employs 175 staff members in construction, design, administration and the manufacturing divisions. 

stretford holdings seek to deliver an aesthetically unrivalled quality product which surpasses expectations every time.

our team

Michael Street - professional in the field of architecture & design : owner 2004
Deon von Tonder - construction head : 2017
Tallis Hurly - lawyer & project manager : 2009
Finlay Mc lellan - operations manager :  2015
Petta Mc lellan - project manager, sales, client liaison : 2013
Mandy Isemonger - designer, project manager, sales : 2012
Hennie Van Niekerk - estimator, production manager : 2012
Kevin Kadzikano - QS, estimator : 2016
Alan Leach - senior foreman : 2005
Jan Botha - foreman : 2010
Jacques Snyman - foreman : 2010
Ashleigh Leach - foreman : 2007